The Fana Experience


Fana. It’s a name both feminine and luxurious – yet simple. An appropriate choice since those are the very attributes founder Bobby Jain strives to incorporate in every design. Jain grew up in a family of jewelers. His great grandfather passed down a love for graceful jewelry creations to his son, grandson and ultimately Bobby. As the great grandson in a family of jewelry designers, Bobby grew up watching the Jain men craft elegant designs for sophisticated clients. And he noticed one important thing early on: women didn’t want to wait until evening or special events to wear their favorite jewels. So when it came his turn to fashion fine jewelry, Bobby set a slightly different goal from that of his forefathers. He would create fine jewelry that women could wear every day. Thus Fana was born.


The distinctive Fana style is influenced by the esthetics of modern architecture and the innate sensibilities of the brand’s designer Bobby Jain. Masterfully handcrafted in 18kt and 14kt yellow, white and rose gold, Fana’s fresh bold look is characterized by fluid lines and streamlined silhouettes, meticulously crafted to fully reveal the intense beauty of the brand’s signature stones: rich rubies, vibrant emeralds, deep sapphires and brilliant diamonds. From the most expensive alloy to the finest gems, perfection is paramount to every component of an original Fana design. These are designs that have been fashioned with a very distinctive woman in mind: sophisticated, modern, elegant, but with a sense of personal style that doesn’t start or end at any particular time of day.


All Fana pieces are handcrafted with extraordinary care by our master jewelers and artisans in our own workshop. Fana specialists individually inspect and certify each piece to meet the most rigorous standards of quality and beauty.  Fana is dedicated to the principles of environmental sustainability and social responsibility, and in keeping with these guiding principles, we source all of our precious stones in accordance with the non-conflict guaranteed Kimberly Process.