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  1. Sara says

    Just got proposed to the other day, and my Fana ring is absolutely stunning. It’s looks like something you’d see in a designer magazine, I never imagined that I would some day wear a ring quite this beautiful. It is a dream come true.

  2. Ceci and Victor says

    I ordered a customized Fana ring. I had looked at many options online and at jewelry stores in San Antonio, but the piece needed to be customized to fit some of my own diamonds. I went to Diamonds Direct during a designer trunk show. The semi-mount I selected was gourgous. However, it was hard to imagine the final product, as the sample piece was not real. The outcome was way beyond my dreams. Substantial goal weight, excellent craftsmanship and dazzling diamonds. Can’t say enough about it, except that it exceeded my expectations.

  3. Forever Young Fine Jewelers says

    We just received our initial inventory order and we are thrilled. The quality of each of these special pieces is outstanding, I just can’t get over the fact that they are this amazing. We did not have to make any sacrifices with Fana, the line is creative, elegant and up to date with the latest designs, the quality of each piece is unmatched and even the pricing is much better than I anticipated. We are excited that we made the decision to partner with such an incredible company & we are excited to show off our new Fana line.

  4. Glamerella says

    Thank you Ken for your help with us and finding just the right ring for the big day! We highly recommend your company as one of the top jewelry providers in the states. Will consider a necklace next, thanks!

  5. tarryn bradford says

    I just got proposed to three days ago and this ring is all I could have dreamed of, it sparkles just perfectly. I cant wait to see how it stacks with bands.

  6. Korey Inman says

    Out of all the vendors we carry, Fana is by far my favorite. Its always a pleasure working with Veer, James and any of the staff. I will always recommend this Vendor before any other. Always beautiful and always a delight to see the finished project.

  7. Janet Meredith says

    I recently remounted my diamond into a beautiful Fana ring in platinum. Finally, gorgeous diamond meets the perfect ring. Thanks Fana! I am enjoying it everyday.
    Janet Meredith

  8. Linda Scott says

    Cleanest precise and beautiful
    Combination of stones and styles.
    I own a ring a necklace and a pair of
    Earrings. Cannot wait for my next purchase.

  9. Melissa says

    I LOVE MY FANA RING! It is so unique and different and always catches everyone’s eye! Not a day goes by where I do not receive a compliment! 🙂

  10. Stephanie says

    I absolutely love my Fana ring. It’s a vintage piece, S2386, so unique, a one of a kind piece. I love it!!!

  11. Giorgina says

    Your designs are exceptionally gorgeous; no words can explain the beauty of these priceless engagement rings.

  12. Micheal says

    I purchased FANA S2369 in Platinum a few months ago and will be asking my girlfriend to marry me in 3 weeks. This ring is absolutely stunning and I can’t wait to give it to her; I know she’ll love it. She deserves nothing but the best, which is why I went with Fana!

  13. Martha says

    I absolutely love my FANA S2378!! I have worn it on my finger since September 21st, 2013 and I have since gotten tons of compliments!! Thanks so much for beautiful rings FANA! 🙂

  14. Andrea says

    My guy has been ring shopping for a while and sending me pictures to pic what I want. I found this site and just was speechless to see the detail and love put into these designs. I was looking for something unique, one of a kind, yet something a little more modern as well. I stumbled upon FANA and now I will be telling everyone! Thanks!

  15. Janine says

    I cannot get over how absolutely STUNNING these rings are! I look at the website pretty much every day and dream of someday being able to have one : ) Anything besides a FANA engagement would be a let-down. I would wear it proudly!

  16. Linda says

    My fiancée proposed to me in Las Vegas on Labor Day weekend!! I was knocked off my feet by FANA S2366!!! YES!!!!! My answer was Yes!!

  17. Lisa says

    Thank you Fana for my custom S2359!!! You created a beautiful ring that perfectly reflects on our different but seamless personalities. And most importantly, thank you Stewart for being my companion and best friend. I love you and I can’t wait to finally be your wife.

  18. Allison says

    I’ve always wanted a ring like my grandmother’s solitaire setting ring, but I also want some pizzazz. I found Fana S3561, the perfect ring. It’s vintage, but it’s got such beauty that it makes me squeal every time I see it. Thank you Ken!

  19. Randi says

    My husband proposed with a ring from this company and let me tell you it’s been a couple of years and I still admire it every day! Thank you so much Fana for helping my husband pick out the most beautiful ring a girl could ever dream of!

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